Charlie Bale

Charlie Bale died in Oklahoma City on October 16 at age 89 after a long battle with leukemia, leaving his wife of 31 years, Pam, and their much loved Frenchies and Boston Terriers.  Charlie had many talents and interests, being a member of the Legion of Honor of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, a veteran of the Korean War during which he served in the Air Force and crewed as Weather Recon Radio Operator on B-52's, and an avid pilot with ratings on single and multi-egine planes as well as Commercial and Cargo pilot ratings.  He also attended the mid-America Culinary Institute and was an exceptional chef, as well as an expert on enology who gave lectures on wines.  

But most of all, Charlie loved the sport of dogs as well as dogs in general.

When Charlie and Pam married, Pam had Dobermans and showed them in Obedience.  In 2000, they bought a "pet" Boston, Daphne, who developed into a lovely dog that they ended up showing to a Championship.  It was at Daphne's first AKC Show in Oklahoma City that they saw their first Frenchies, and immediately fell in love with the breed.  They bought their first Frenchie, Shann's Sinful Stephanie whom they finished and bred, producing BISS CH Shann's Cuppa Mojo.  Mojo quickly finished in the Bred-by-Exhibitor class and was specialed, ranking in the top 5 French Bulldogs for 3 years and qualifying for the FBDCA Top Twenty Invitational for three years in a row.

Since then Charlie and Pam have enjoyed showing their Frenchies and Bostons exclusively in Bred-By, and have completed Championships on puppies from every litter they bred. Both are members of the FBDCA, the Heartland French Bulldog Club, the Boston Terrier Club of America, the Oklahoma City Boston Terrier Club, the Oklahoma City Bulldog Club and the Bulldog Club of America, and are Breeders of Merit.  Pam plans to continue breeding, showing, and being a staunch advocate for Frenchies, Bostons, and Bulldogs.