How to Join


To join, download and print the Membership Application and the Code of Ethics. 

Follow the instructions at the bottom of the Application.  Individual Membership Dues $10 per year; Household Membership Dues $15 per year. 

Each household member wishing to join must sign BOTH the Application and the Code of Ethics.


For a Membership Application, click here.  HFBC member app .pdf (34,8 kB)

For a Code of Ethics, click here.    HFBC Code of Ethics.pdf (37 kB) 

For the AKC Breed Standard for French Bulldogs, click here.  BREED STANDARD.pdf (37,8 kB)

For the HFBC Constitution and Bylaws, click here. HFBC Const Bylaws 2nd rev .pdf (79 kB)