The Heartland French Bulldog Club


Our club was established to give Frenchie breeders, owners, and fanciers in the central midwest a way to get together to celebrate and enjoy this wonderful breed.

We offer support, guidance, and education about French Bulldogs to the general public as well as to our members.

Thanks for visiting our website.  Please join us for one of our monthly club meetings or one of our events, dates of which will be posted on this site.


09/02/2015 21:36


The FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale), a world canine organization that inludes most European countries, as well as countries in South and Central America and the Caribbean, Asia and the Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa, has a new Breed Standard for French Bulldogs.  This...


08/23/2015 14:24

Eye Disorders in Dogs

  Blue Book 2014 7th Edition.pdf (3,1 MB) Together with the Genetics Committee of the ACVO (American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists), the OFA has recently completed the 7th Edition of “Ocular Disorders Presumed to be Inherited in Purebred Dogs,” commonly known as the Blue Book...


07/13/2015 14:41


Be VERY CAREFUL to keep your Frenchies cool during this hot weather. But just in case, please download this important file and read it; and keep it handy in case you need to review it!    HEATSTROKE.pdf (62,1 kB)


08/04/2013 16:45

Pyometra Alert!

Pyometra can be misdiagnosed or undiagnosed.  If you have an intact bitch, please read this article that was in the AKC Gazette in April 2011.  If your bitch should seem to be feeling unwell a few weeks after having been in season, please consider pyometra and get her checked out...


12/22/2012 13:24

AKC Presents Bebout Award

           Bebout Award Presented to Massachusetts Federation of Dog Clubs and Responsible Dog Owners The American Kennel Club (AKC) is pleased to announce that the Massachusetts Federation of Dog...


07/03/2011 14:07


Would your Frenchie like some cold summer treats that are healthy, too???   Here is a wonderful snack that fits the bill!    Homemade Dog Treat Recipe Doggie Ice-Cream 2 cups vanilla yogurt 2 Mashed bananas 2 tablespoons honey Mix ingredients and freeze in ice cube tray. Voila......


04/08/2010 16:19

Articles to download

Our Main Menu now has a section for articles that we think will be of interest and helpful to Frenchie owners.   Please visit it often.  Our first download is a very important and timely discussion of how to deal with heat stroke in Frenchies.


07/26/2009 18:51


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11/02/2016 19:00

Monthly Meeting: Weds. November 2

Join us for our monthly club meeting at 7 PM on Weds. November 2. We will meet at AUTODINO, 12101  88TH Street,  Lenexa KS.   We will plan for Pet Expo and for our annual Holiday Party. SPECIAL PROGRAM:           Mike Deathe, well known local dog trainer and...


03/12/2016 12:00

2016 Spring Specialty Show

A good time was had by all!   Thanks to all who organized, worked, entered, attended, and generally supported our show.  It was a wonderful weekend!


12/05/2015 18:30


Our 2015 HOLIDAY PARTY at Jane Blackerby's home was a huge success!  Great food, fun, and fellowship was a perfect kickoff for the holiday season.  Thanks to Jane and Mark for being such great hosts, and to all for the excellent food!  Here are Jim Grebe's...


08/15/2015 12:00


Our August Specialty was our largest entry yet!  Thanks to all who entered, who helped, who attended, and who bought raffle tickets! The results of the show can be downloaded here. Here are photos for your enjoyment (thanks to Ron...


05/16/2015 13:00

2015 PICNIC!

Our annual PICNIC on May 16 was lots of fun!     Grillmaster Chris worked his magic on brats, Italian sausage, chicken breasts and pork loin (see photos). The side dishes were delicious, and all very low-cal. The kids and dogs had fun, and so did the adults. If you want to save any of...


03/14/2015 13:05


HFBC SPRING SPECIALTY - MARCH 14, 2015   The specialty was a great success thanks to the hard work of all involved. The raffle, the dinner, the trophies, and the general fun were all extraordinary. Here are some photos..... if anyone has photos they would like to add, please send them to...


12/06/2014 19:00


The 2014 HOLIDAY PARTY WAS HELD AT BLUE PEARL VET CLINIC ON SATURDAY DEC. 6   The food was terrific (thanks, all), decorations were great, and the Greedy Gift Exchange was the big hit of the evening. Here are a few photos of the party.          


09/13/2014 08:00


MEET THE FRENCH BULLDOG!        The Heartland French Bulldog Club held a "Meet the Breed" and "Responsible Dog Ownership" event on Saturday September 13, from 8 AM until 1 PM at the "Bark in the Park" event in Raytown, MO. The weather was beautiful, and everyone...


05/17/2014 13:00


Our 2014 PICNIC was a great success! Lots of dogs, guests, friends, and tons of great food.  Here are some photos to remind you of the event.        


03/15/2014 14:48


Our 2014 Specialty was a great success with a large entry of 46 plus one veteran. The winners were: WD - Hillbuckle's 250 Leman's Berlinetta owned by Chris Hill RWD - Piper's B2 Bomber Owned by Andrea Piper WB - Escada Del Veintisi-Ete at Qazara Owned by Diane Burvee RWB - Rickly's Kandu Show Me...